Calling Features

Voice Mail and Call Screening:
Manage Messaging & Incoming Calls

Voice Mail (includes required Call Forwarding feature)

Sandhill’s new Voice Mail service is an advanced voice messaging system that will ensure you never miss an important message when you are away from home, out of the office or on the phone. Voice Mail is easy to set up, easy to use and comes with many advanced features that enhance your personal convenience and organization. Not only can you customize the way Voice Mail works for you, but you can also access your messages at any time from any touch tone telephone.
Click here to download the latest Voice Mail Instructions.

Call Filter

This service is a telemarketer call screening service that blocks telemarketers and screens all incoming calls.  Callers outside your local calling area will hear an announcement that instructs telemarketers to add your number to their DO NOT CALL list, while allowing other callers to press “1” to be connected.  If the caller presses “1”, the service will remember their phone number so the next time they call you they will not hear the message.  The service effectively screens telemarketers because they should not press “1” to connect.  If an unwanted caller does get through, you can add them to your blocked list so they cannot call again.

Convenience Features:
Let Your Phone Work For You

Automatic Call Back (*66)

Redials the last number called from your phone, alerts you with a special ring when the line is free and completes the call when you lift the handset.

Automatic Recall (*69)

Returns the call of the last party to call your number.

Call Hold

Enables you to put your current call on hold while you place another call, change to another phone on your line or speak to some one without the caller hearing.

Call Waiting

Alerts you to incoming calls while you are on the phone and enables you put the first caller on hold to take the new call.

Call Waiting on Three–Way Calling

Enables you to take a incoming call while on a Three–Way call.

Cancel Call Waiting

Enables you to turn off call waiting before or during a phone call.

Custom Ringing (*61)

Enables you to program your phone to ring with a special tone when called by select list of numbers. All other calls will ring normally.

Personal Ringing

Enables you to have two different phone numbers on your line, each with a different ring.

Speed Calling 8

Enables you to program your phone to store up to 8 numbers and call them pressing only one number key.

Speed Calling 30

Enables you to program your phone to store up to 30 numbers and call them pressing only one or two number keys.

Three–Way Calling

Enables you to add a third party to your current phone call.

Privacy Features:
Take Control of Your Phone

Calling Name and Number Delivery

Displays the name and phone number of a caller before you answer the phone. This feature will also store the names and numbers of callers so you can see them at your convenience. Requires a Caller ID phone or display box.

Calling Number Delivery

Displays a caller’s phone number before you answer.

Calling Name and Number Identification on Call Waiting

Displays a caller’s name and number while you are on another call. This feature is free when you have Caller ID and Call Waiting.

Calling Name and Number Delivery Blocking

Prevents your name and number from being displayed on Caller ID devices.

Customer Originated Trace (*57)

Initiates a trace on your last incoming call. The Calling number will be identified at SHTC and provided to the designated law enforcement agency.

Do Not Disturb

Prevents incoming calls from ringing your phone. Calls are redirected to a recorded message. Only callers who have your PIN can ring your phone.

Selective Call Acceptance (*64)

Accepts only incoming calls from a list of up to six phone numbers you program into your phone. All other callers will hear a message that you are not receiving calls at this time.

Selective Call Rejection

Prevents callers with whom you do not wish to speak from ringing your phone. Calls from up to six numbers you program into your phone hear a message that you are not receiving calls at this time.

Anonymous Call Rejection

Prevents calls from numbers with Caller ID blocking from ringing your phone.

Toll Control with PIN

Toll Control with PIN enables you to prevent toll calls from your phone unless a personal identification number is used.

Call Forwarding Features:
Always be in Touch

Call Forwarding

Forwards your incoming calls to another number you program into your phone and can change at any time.

Fixed Call Forwarding

Forwards all your calls to a number you select when signing up for service. This feature is always activated.

Auto Fixed Call Forwarding

Enables your phone to call a preset number when the phone remains off the hook for a given interval of time.

Call Forwarding Busy Line

Forwards your incoming calls when your line is busy to another number your program into your phone.

Call Forwarding No Answer

Forwards your incoming call to another number after a preset number of rings.

Call Forwarding No Answer with Custom Ring Control

Provides Call Forwarding No Answer feature and the capability to change the number of times your phone rings before the call is forwarded.

Remote Activation of Call Forwarding

Enables you to activate or deactivate Call Forwarding from any phone.

Selective Call Forwarding

Enables you to create a list of 6 phone numbers that are to be forwarded when they call you.