Sandhill CEO & Board of Directors

Lee Chambers, CEO/General Manager

On behalf of the Board and myself, we would like to thank you for being a Member of Sandhill Telephone Cooperative, Inc.  It is our goal as a company to provide you with the best telecommunications services we can offer in an affordable manner.  The Board and I are here to support the company as well as the overall community.

Sandhill’s mission is to provide the citizens of the rural communities in our area with the same access to services provided in major metropolitan areas.  As technology continues to change, we will continue to grow with it and focus on providing timely solutions.  We do this while still providing Capital Credits back to our customers of all remaining revenue. Sandhill will continue to invest in multiple ways in the communities where it serves and where its employees also call home.

Lee Chambers
CEO/General Manager



Board of Directors

Ronald Campbell, President

Ronnie Campbell

O. Dale McCluney, V. President

Dale McCluney

Alvin Boswell, Secretary

Alvin Boswell

 J. Donald Plyler



Thomas Teal


Merrill Brown

Merrill Brown

Emsley Lockhart, Jr.


Norman P. Caldwell