This is the time of year when many of our Members look forward to receiving Capital Credit checks representing a portion of the returns that Sandhill has invested over the years.   Alongside these checks,  your Cooperative has been investing even more heavily in the community in which we all live.

               As we see the areas around us grow, it is partially our responsibility to help our area grow as well.  We do this by providing high speed connections to many of the small and large businesses in our counties.  With a strong fiber network, we are now providing the same benefits to local businesses that you would expect to see in major metropolitan areas.  This helps not only to keep jobs in our towns, but grow new ones as well.  At Sandhill, we’re excited to know that we have a part to play in helping attract new people to our area.  The addition of new Members each year helps to allow us to grow our fiber services even quicker than we previously were able to.

        At a recent meeting I attended, several key people in our industry expect the amount of internet connected devices to increase 10 times what they are today in just the next five years.  While this may be hard to believe, think back to all that has been added over the past 10 years – smart tvs , roku devices, smartphones, and amazon Alexa type devices just to name a few.   With this kind of growth, we have to keep looking towards the future in expanding our network to suit the needs of everyone here.

                We are well underway with fiber services in Pageland and look forward to reaching the other towns and communities soon.   As always, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us here and we’ll be glad to help.


Lee Chambers CEO / General Manager