I have some good news as we started off the second half of the year.  Fiber installation continues to progress well here at Sandhill.   We’ve completed the major groundwork for the south side of Pageland and are underway on the north side.  Soon we’ll be able to start connecting homes in town to this new service.  We’re also working in rural areas and are busy upgrading broadband in the Union School region of McBee.   This, along with more roadside cabinets, allows us to provide faster speeds to our more rural areas.   With the addition of new equipment in our offices, residences should be able to see speeds even faster than 100Mb in many areas by early next year.

      We are excited to share the good news about broadband services but we also have great news about our new television packages.  If you haven’t called or stopped by one of our branch offices please do so.  We are very pleased with all the new channels our packages offer and we think you will be too.  With all the storms we’ve been seeing this year, Sandhill is the only local provider that can continue to provide reliable service even on those rainy nights.   And starting soon, we’re proud to be partnering with the local high schools to once again provide school sporting events and other activities on our local Channel 2.   We’re expecting great things from our many talented high school students that will be filming events for our Members to watch.

     We understand how vital a stable, fast internet connection with access to entertainment is for our Members of our community.   Because of that, we’ve invested millions of dollars just over the past several years into our community broadband infrastructure and we will continue to do so.  Our greatest passion has always been that when our Members subscribe to Sandhill services, profits go right back into our community and not larger urban areas in other states.  We’re thankful that you continue to choose us as your local service provider.



Lee Chambers CEO / General Manager