Another year of school is completed, summer vacations are in order and the temperatures are rising.  With all the excitement of summer, I wanted to take time to update you on some things we have in store for this summer.

First, we’ve been very busy on our fiber project.  With most of the main roads in Pageland equipped with fiber, we will begin scheduling installs in just a few short months.   Fiber speeds are much faster than the current copper speeds, and once some new equipment is installed in our offices, you can expect fiber speed offerings even higher.  We are ahead of schedule for this project while working with state and federal guidelines for regulated companies such as Sandhill.  We’ve also added more equipment in our more rural areas allowing those Members to benefit from faster speeds while on copper.

               Second, we have worked diligently to make our television offering better for our Members.   July 1, we are introducing three new TV packages which we hope will meet the needs of the area.  Along with new packages, we offer online viewing options through which allows subscribers to view programming wherever they are via an internet connection.   As more entertainment options move online, we are ready to work for our Members to provide a wide variety of options.
Click here to see our new packages.

               Finally, we are working hard with our state and federal agencies to provide more choices on services.   As I’ve said before, as a regulated cooperative we are first tasked with making sure that everyone in our area has access to essential services such as 911 through their phone lines.  Many people throughout the county have no access to reliable cell service and the phone lines are still the best option in times of need.  With that being said, we are researching other options that will allow us to provide broadband only services to our Members in the future.  As legislation changes, we will make sure we do what is best for all of our Members.

               Enjoy your summer and please let us know of anyway we can help you here at Sandhill.


Lee Chambers CEO / General Manager