2-Way Communication

Sandhill Security’s Excellent Alarm System has just gotten better!
LIVE 2-Way Voice Communication

Live 2-Way Voice Communication is now available on every Sandhill Alarm System. Whether you are getting a new Sandhill alarm or if you already have one of our systems, you can add this vital feature to your monitoring service for only $5.00 a month. (Our 2-Way Voice technology might not work with alarm systems Sandhill did not install.)


  • Residential Monitoring with 2-way Voice: $29.99 per month
  • Business Monitoring with 2-way Voice: $34.99 per month

Sandhill’s live 2-Way Voice feature enables fast and sure communication between your home and our monitoring station when your alarm is triggered.

2-Way Voice provides an extra level of security to your home protection.

2-WAY VOICE COMMUNICATION adds another crucial level of security to your home alarm system. With 2-Way Voice, our 24-hour monitoring station establishes live voice contact with your residence. This feature greatly reduces instances of false alarms and enables more accurate emergency dispatch. Also, because the monitoring station is able to speak with you directly, 2-Way Voice facilitates medical assistance.



Faster, more accurate dispatches.
Direct, live communication with the monitoring station. Great for medical assistance purposes.The absolute best way to reduce false alarms.

Help Is Always Close with Live 2-Way Voice Security. If a break-in occurs, 2-Way Voice enables our certified monitors to establish a live voice link with your house. This allows our operators to assess the emergency situation and vocally threaten the intruder with a warning that the authorities are on the way!

With live 2-Way Voice, our monitoring professionals can better understand your emergency situation. Whether a burglary, home invasion or medical emergency is occurring, the situation is handled instantly and effectively.