By now, all eligible Members should have received their capital credit checks.  We are proud to say that we were able to give back approximately $2 million dollars to our Members which is more than many other telephone cooperatives our size in SC.  Sandhill is continuing to balance both allocations to our Members as well as investing in building a better network for tomorrow.

The demand for broadband speed is growing at a greater rate than ever before.   I’m happy to report that while many independent companies are working to meet the 10Mbps FCC requirement within the next couple of years, we will have over 85% of all broadband customers completed by July.   The next FCC requirement of 25Mbps is still four years away and we are preparing our network to be ready for this by next year in most areas.  We also realize that even this speed will probably not be enough by then and that’s why we have been proactive and installed fiber in many areas in preparation for higher demands.

Over the past several months, I have shared with you updates and details about increasing speeds for our broadband subscribers. We are now actively working in the Pageland exchange to update as many subscribers as possible.  Once this is complete, we will begin working on the next phase to continue to add new equipment into our network to reach the Members we cannot today.

While we are doing our part, it’s important to remember to do your part as well.  As you purchase more Internet connected devices it’s important to remember that with every new connected device there is more demand on the broadband connection you have.  With that being said, more devices may mean you need a higher speed.  Check with one of our offices to see which package best fits your needs.  Also like any computer, the routers installed in your home need updating from time to time and/or restarting to make sure they are functioning properly.  If you are experiencing any issues with your broadband service, please call 611 from your home phone or contact our office at 843-658-3434.  We are always happy to assist you or answer any questions you may have.

Over the past several years, your Cooperative has been planning for the future.  Not just in the Internet but in our technologies as well.  Check out our April/May edition of the ConNEXTion to learn about our new Smart Home product.  As always, we thank you for your continued patronage to your Cooperative.


Lee Chambers
CEO / General Manager