The past few months I’ve been providing updates on Fiber To The Home (FTTH) and how the project will stretch over the next 10 years.   This month I wanted to discuss the equipment that ties it all together – the core of our network.   Just like the highway system in our country is connected with large interstates, the main locations around our network are connected with a large broadband connection much like an interstate.   This route through our territory allows Members from the Wolf Pond area above Pageland to the Timrod area near Bethune to the Members down near Plainview in Patrick to all connect to the rest of the world by getting on one large “interstate” network of equipment.

Just six short years ago, everyone in our area was able to reach the world wide web across a 1 Gigabit fiber connection. That might not seem like a lot today, but then it was more than enough to support all the connected devices people had in their homes.   Consider it just like a highway where everyone isn’t driving at the same time, we only needed enough space to support the cars that would be on the road (connected computers) at any given point in time.   Since that point in time, our network has been upgraded to support 10 times the traffic that it used to handle.  To do that we had to add some “extra lanes” to connect to the Internet superhighway.

Today we are in the process of yet again increasing our network to support up to 10 times more traffic than we do today.  That’s 100 times bigger than we were just six years ago!   If you are wondering why we are doing this, look at the chart below.

This is a picture showing the growth of connected devices in the coming years.   In 2011, there was basically one device connected to the Internet for everyone on the planet.  Today there are three devices per person and in just three more years that number is projected to increase to seven!   That is a lot of Internet usage and Sandhill is being proactive and making necessary preparations.

So when you see our crews working along the side of the road or near one of our 100 equipment locations around the area, know that we’re in the process of preparing for the future.  Sandhill’s goal is to continue to meet the needs of all of our Members no matter where they live.




Lee Chambers
CEO / General Manager