It is the policy of Sandhill Telephone Cooperative, Inc. to provide equal opportunities for all employees in employment, training, promotion and assignment, and job security without discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or physical/mental handicap.

The goal of Sandhill Telephone Cooperative, Inc. is to make equal employment opportunity a way of life in the communications industry and to give each employee every opportunity to be represented appropriately in all segments of the work force.

As General Manager, it is my intent to carry out all of the provisions of the equal opportunity program contained in Executive Order 11478 and EEO Act of 1972, not only in the letter of the law but also in the spirit of the order. The objective of these acts is to improve the relationship of employee to employee, supervisor to worker and labor to management, which will create a oneness in which each employee will share equally in the opportunity of advancement, self-improvement and utilization of talent, according to each individual’s capacity. Each of us has not only a legal but a moral obligation to comply with the doctrine of equality to ensure that each person at Sandhill has an equal opportunity to all facets of the operation, without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, or physical/mental handicap. We must be receptive to the fact that we are giving equal opportunity priority, and we will not tolerate insensitivity in this area.

C. Lee Chambers
CEO/General Manager


HR Manager/Specialist

Job Overview

We are looking for an HR Manager/Specialist to help lead efforts in growing our teams. You will play a meaningful role in finding and hiring the right people who align with our company goals and culture. You will have the opportunity to define and drive the strategic direction of our hiring teams as the company grows to meet new demands. You will use your experience in full-cycle recruiting to lead, mentor and train a solid and high-performing employee base.

Responsibilities for HR Manager/Specialist

  • Manage and lead a collaborative recruiting effort that can scale to the dynamic demands of a growing company
  • Assist in monitoring changes to benefit packages and health insurance offerings
  • Act as liaison to the cooperative’s benefits and health insurance providers
  • Implement employee benefit programs and inform employees of benefits
  • Process payroll and related tax reports and payments
  • Direct the processing of benefit claims where necessary
  • Ensure legal compliance by monitoring and implementing applicable human resource federal and state requirements
  • Assist in developing new employee orientation, training, and maintaining employee records
  • Help define consistent data-driven hiring metrics and goals
  • Act as a key business partner to members of the company to improve the recruiting process
  • Passionately drive results by thinking and acting quickly to ensure long-term objectives are met in the best interest of the cooperative and its’ employees
  • Stay connected to the competitive landscape, including trends in recruiting and compensation
  • Assist in developing and maintaining the cooperative’s human resource policies and employee handbook

Qualifications for HR Manager/Specialist

  • A track record with sourcing, recruiting, and closing extraordinary talent
  • Strong program management skills
  • Experience processing payroll and related tax filings
  • Experience designing, assessing, deploying, and optimizing talent campaigns and initiatives
  • Experience with defining and presenting recruiting and pipeline metrics and data
  • We’re looking for someone with 5+ years of experience in HR, has a 4-year degree in Business, Human Resources or similar, and is familiar with the following software/tools:
      • Microsoft Office
      • Human Resources Management Systems
      • Accounting as it relates to Human Resources

Please submit resume to: todd.thompson@mysandhill.net

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