Sandhill Wireless PRL

Preferred Roaming List Update

Sandhill Wireless recommends updating your Roaming List at least once per month or more frequently when traveling to new areas.
Benefits of updating the PRL in your device includes:

  • Provides the ability to connect to the most updated digital service available
  • Longer battery life, fewer dropped or blocked calls and a clearer, crisper connection in more areas
  • Access to digital-only features with preferred carriers who offer feature transparency such as:
    • Text messaging
    • Caller ID
    • Voicemail retrieval
    • Message waiting indicator

Sandhill recommends that you update the PRL at least once per month to keep roaming capabilities up-to-date. The PRL updates can be administered via over the air programming when you are within the Verizon Wireless digital network footprint and by following the instructions below:

  • Power on the phone within the Verizon Wireless digital network footprint and dial *22891 and press SEND
  • You will hear the following message: “Welcome to Over the Air Programming, please hold while we update your roaming capabilities. This call is airtime free.”
  • Hold music will be heard immediately along with the following message: “Please continue to hold while your phone is being programmed.”
  • Once the PRL Update is complete, you will hear two audible beep tones and the “Programming Successful” message should appear on the handset’s display.
  • Press END to disconnect